The A Team Experience

Traditional corporate team building events were designed for companies who thrive in controlled and predictable environments. Today, technology and client demand has placed challenges on corporations like never before with fast-paced decision making, adaptability and critical thinking at the core of desired skill sets.

With the A Team Experience, Heligunner is providing an environment that addresses the needs of modern companies. Your team will receive training from highly skilled professionals whose background’s include military service, law enforcement and corporate coaching. This training will be implemented through four rapid-paced military-style missions designed to elevate leadership skills, transform personal confidence, and build a lasting bond that can only be forged with fire.

Every Heligunner A Team Experience is a unique opportunity custom tailored around the needs of your company. The realism of our military missions will submerge your team with dynamic storylines based on real world scenarios of combat search and rescue, raids, biological attack, destruction of weapons caches, high value target extraction and more.

Your team will have the opportunity to ride in authentic military vehicles, provide air support in a helicopter, call in simulated artillery in support by fire missions and receive weapons training from military combat veterans. The A Team Experience is guaranteed to elevate your team to the next level by providing them with an environment as diverse and expeditious as required by the demands of today’s workplace.

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