Helicopter Hog Hunting

We offer two dynamic helicopter hog hunting experiences:

Package A – Daytime Helicopter Hog Hunt

All hunts include a firearms operation and safety course before the flight. This will familiarize you with the firearm and the special procedures exclusive to aerial gunnery operations.


  • $1,400 per hour for two shooters at a time. (Works out to $700/hr per person, 3 hour minimum)

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Contact us ahead of time if you are interested in adding any of the following features to your hunt:

– Assistance with travel and hotel accommodations as well as transportation too and from the airport
– Multi-day booking discount
– Bring your own experienced guest to act as the crew chief *(Only available to qualified Heli Gunner graduates)
– Pre-hunt aerial gunnery practice on reactive steel targets *
*Additional fees may apply.

Package B – 12 Hour Day/Night Air & Ground Safari Hog Hunt

Nothing beats a day full of hog eradication, and that is exactly what this 12 hour package includes!

During this epic experience you will eradicate hogs from our MD-500 helicopter for 2 full hours during the day,travel out to our ground hunting location at night, hunt hogs from a blacked out vehicle on the ground with provided AR-15 short barrel suppressed rifles equipped with IR lasers while you are wearing helmet mounted PVS-14 night vision, scout from the vehicle with night vision and thermal optics to locate the pigs! Not to mention we’ll provide lunch at our exclusive fly in restaurant and dinner at a restaurant in Temple while we wait for the sun to go down.

Depending on availability we may be able to send you a PVS-14 optic one week before your hunt so you can get familiar with it in the comfort of your own home and show it to all of your friends.  Sorry, you don’t get to keep it, you’ll have to bring it with you to the hunt. However, at the end of the hunt we’ll make you a great deal on some night vision or thermal gear if you haven’t gotten enough of a fix yet!


  • $2,450 per person

* If it’s just you let us know, we can probably find someone else to team you up with.

Visit our Book Now page to sign up today!

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