We offer helicopter hog hunting, aerial target shooting, property surveying & eradication services, private & corporate events and more.

Helicopter Hog HuntingBook Now!
This has quickly emerged as one of the most sought after hunting experiences in the world, and we just happen to be located smack in the middle of the greatest state for hunting hogs. We offer you the choice of two equally enjoyable, but dynamically different helicopter hog hunting experiences.

  • Package A:  Hourly daytime helicopter hunt. Cost: $1,400 hr *(3 hr minimum).  Learn more 
  • Package B:  12 hour day/night air & ground Safari Hunt for parties of 2-6. Cost: $2,450 per person.  Learn more 

Aerial Gunnery Target ShootingBook Now!
Utilizing our MD-500 helicopter we offer participants an unparalleled experience to engage reactive steel targets from the air. This is a 20 minute flight split right down the middle, with your first 10 minutes in the front seat as the observer, and the second 10 minutes in the back seat as the gunner. Each 10 minute flight will consist of 4-5 passes down our custom gunnery range where you will engage 8-10 reactive targets with each pass.

Private & Corporate Events
This is completely customizable and scalable for any group. Depending on the event location, we try to incorporate as many ground gunnery experiences as possible to entertain your guests who are awaiting their turn at helicopter hunting or target shooting. This may include: timed head-to-head shooting competitions, machine gun target shooting, suppressor testing and exploding target shooting challenges. Contact us to plan out your next private or corporate event.

Other Services
We can accommodate pretty much any request involving a helicopter.  Below is a list of some other services we offer.  Please contact us if you have a request that isn’t listed here.

  • Property Services – Hog Eradication, Surveying, Etc.
  • Emergency Response & Law Enforcement Transports
  • Aerial Photography
  • “Heliball” (Paintball and Airsoft from above)

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