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Extreme Event at Texas Paintball Saturday 9/24/2022

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Join us Saturday September 24th from 2pm until 11pm for a 9 hour Extreme Experience.

You and up to 7 of your friends will be led through a day of training and simulations by an experienced special forces instructor. During your experience you will have training on Combat Life Saving medical techniques (CLS), close quarters combat(CQB), shooting from a moving vehicle and use of specialized equipment. After each training session will be an application scenario where you will counter our professionally trained opposition force (OP-FOR) applying your skills.

We will provide realistic training airsoft rifles, ammunition and full face masks.

Light dinner and water will be provided.

Participant Requirements:

During the course of the simulations you WILL:
Be shot at and hit with airsoft BBs and paintbal
Ride in a military humvee
Work around live explosives/pyrotechnics
Participate in 3-4 training sessions (approx 45 mins each)
Engage in 3-4 skirmishes (15 minutes to 60 minutes each)
Develop communication with all of your teammates
Use hands on techniques to simulate wound dressings on teammates and actors
Ride in a helicopter and engage the OP-FOR (optional)

What you should bring:
Long pants such as cargo pants. Closed toe shoes such as boots. Multiple short and long sleeve shirts to wear throughout the day depending on the mission.

This is event is rain or shine, dress according.


Registration is PER PERSON, each person in your group will need to sign up, or you can purchase multiple items on one invoice for multiple people.

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