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Aerial Gunnery Afternoon Session Saturday April 6th, Chico, TX

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Aerial Gunnery Package:

Hop on board our helicopter for an awesome adventure shooting steel targets with a short barrel, suppressed M4/AR15 Rifle! You will be engaging steel targets from our helicopter, approximately 9 minute flights. You should expect to stay for the entire duration of the session you sign up for. The session will begin with a group aircraft orientation and firearms overview, followed by a safety orientation and operations procedure, then we will begin flights.

Includes use of our firearms and 50 rounds of ammo.

Morning Sessions are 9am until 12 noon

Afternoon Sessions are 12 noon until 5pm

Ground Gunnery Optional Addon:

Optionally you can add the aerial gunnery AND Humvee gunnery package, you will have the opportunity to engage targets from a moving humvee on the ground then engage targets from a moving helicopter in the air!

As with the Aerial Gunnery, there will be a safety brief then a “mission brief”. The Ground course will go through several target platforms, such as an infantry patrol (cardboard silhouette targets), an ambush, resupply convoy, checkpoint, and finally assault a command post.

Includes 120 rounds and use a fully automatic AR.

There will be an RSO in the vehicle at all times.

Location is:
1879 County Road 1480, Chico, Texas 76431

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