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Saturday Nov 4th Tactical Games

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Gunnery Package:

Hop on board our helicopter for an awesome adventure, shooting steel targets with one of our short barrel, suppressed M4/AR15 Rifles!
We have designed our schedule around the unique shooting schedule of The Tactical Games event.

Since we know that you won't know your exact schedule for the competition until much closer to the event date, and the number one priority is allowing participants in The Tactical Games the flexibility they need to prepare and attend their scheduled events, once you register through this product link we will hold a spot for you on the day you selected and you will have priority for determining your flight time that works best for you on your flight day. Just come visit us at our Heligunner booth between 8am-9am on your flight day (by the landing zone on site at the Texas Shooting Academy) and we'll work with your specific schedule to get you into a time slot that works for you.

Package includes:

• Use of our firearms and 50 rounds of ammo
• Aircraft orientation
• Firearms overview
• Safety orientation
• Operations procedure

* If you would like to use your own firearm instead of ours, your firearms must eject the brass downward or have a brass catcher/deflector affixed to it and must be suppressed. We recommend NON MAGNAFIED optics as we are engaging targets from 20-50 yards typically. *

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